Sample: Summary of a Lighting Retrofit Proposal

The Big Picture
Click on the above link (Sample Summary) to see an overview of the moderately sized lighting retrofit project. Note the estimated monthly savings in the electricity, and the payback period. At the rate we expect energy costs to increase, a project with a payback period under two years is worthwhile. As the energy costs or your demands increase in the future, this period decreases.

The Detailed Picture
Click on the above link to the right (Sample Detail) to see the details of a typical office-building facility and its current electricity usage vs the proposed efficient fixtures.

Sample Lighting Retrofit Proposal in Detail

How can I reduce lighting cost?
Though the energy used by a single light is small, if you use energy-efficiency practices with all your lights, the savings can add up. To reduce your lighting costs, consider:
  • Evaluating your lighting needs (in case of an overlit facility, delamping might be appropriate).
  • Replacing T12 fluorescent lights with more energy efficient T8 lights and electronic ballasts.
  • Replacing old exit lights with new energy efficient ones that use fluorescent or LED technology.
  • Installing controls such as timers, time clocks or photocells to ensure that exterior lights are turned off at the appropriate time.
  • Replacing incandescent lights with ENERGY STAR®-qualified compact fluorescent lights that can reduce lighting costs by up to 70 percent and last up to eight times longer.

Fluorescents Old to New:
T12 to T8, to T5

T12 vs. T8
In general, fluorescents are about 4x more energy efficient than incandescent (household type bulbs). The T12 lamps have been around forever and have always been the standards. They operate on either electromagnetic or electronic ballasts. T8's are a new technology - smaller diameter, operate ONLY from electronic ballasts.

How much energy can be saved by switching from T12 lights and magnetic ballasts to T8 lights and electronic ballasts?
If you replace your existing T12 lighting system with T8 lights and magnetic ballasts with electronic ballasts, you will see a reduction of lighting energy by 17 to 48 percent depending on the specific lights and ballasts. In some instances, you may want to remove some of the existing T12 lights and not replace them. You may also use one electronic ballast to serve four lights instead of one magnetic ballast for two lights previously installed. Or, you may use specular reflectors to further enhance light distribution. The overall result may bring 50 percent savings without compromising the quality of delivered light.

Solar energy installations enjoy similar benefits as lighting efficiency retrofits: reduced electricity bill, as well as incentives from both the local utilities and federal tax incentives.

The modern lighting control system is more than just relay panels and hardware. It is a completely digital, integrated system that will lower your operating expenses. By simply turning off unneeded lighting, energy consumption is reduced as much as 40% - 50%.
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