• Introduction
    An Electric vehicle charging system is NOT a gas pump. You should consider it another building system like the HVAC. You own the equipment and you pay for the supply of electricity. So you should retain full control over it. We offer a full range of Electric Vehicle Charging solutions for use ranging from residential, or residential complexes to large scale commercial and government workplaces. The more complex solution can accommodate as simple as simple access control for fleet and employees-only charging to full fledged payment capability and usage tracking. You can recover your costs by setting your own rates, respond to demand/response alerts, and in some designs tie the system directly into your building control system.

    Our Preferred Brands of Hardware
    1. Basic Charging:
    Clipper Creek


    2A. Level-2 Charging group-1:
    Garage Juice Bar offers networked Level-2 units of an excellent design and aesthetics. This brand is best suitable for sparse commercial/residential-complex installations. Garage Juice Bar

    EVSE LLC offers networked Level-2 units of an excellent and highly flexible design with many variations to suit every site's need.
    This brand is best suitable for denser commercial installations.

    Garage Juice Bar, EVSE LLC, Aerovironment, Efacec and EV-Box products are compatible with the network back-office provided by Greenlots:


    2B. Level-2 Charging group-2:
    EV-Box offers versatile solutions for smaller installations especially for fleet applications.

    Aerovironment offers versatile solutions for a full spectrum of needs.

    Efacec, Aerovironment and EV-Box products are compatible with the network back-office provided by EV-Connect:
    EV Connect


    3. Fast Charging:
    Efacec offers the market's best value in larger Networked "Fast" chargers from 25-150 kW, including Bus chargers!


    4. Hybrid Systems

    Liberty Plug-Ins provides access control and networking (including payment processing) for basic chargers of ANY brand. It is ideal for smaller budgets or conversion of existing Basic systems to "Smart"
    Liberty Plug-Ins

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  • 50-100% incentive rebates in S California
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  • Federal Government Buyers
    We carry the brands listed on this page on our GSA Schedule (GS-07F-0167X). But it gets ever better, turn-key packages are also available under a BPA (GS-30F-GA083). Call us to find out how easy procurement can be.

    State Government Buyers
    We specialize in government sales. Consultation is always free and you will be happy you called to get advice from a provider offers a full spectrum of choices. We carry the brands listed on this page on California State BPAs(1-14-61-13B & 1-14-61-14D). Other public entities almost always receive a discount from us.

    Buying EV-chargers is scary!
    No-one can deny it! A buyer just does not know where to start. You have never bought anything like it. Some companies would like you to think so. That way they can manage to have you cede control over the purchase and future operations which will cost you over time in management recurring fees. We will help you find the best solutions given your needs and weigh the cost of recurring charges up front. Buying EV Chargers should be no different than buying a PC!

    We are an ESCo, so we can offer financing for the purchase and installation of the products we provide. Moreover, the financing can be designed such that the monthly payments are equal or less than the payments you receive from the end-users. I fact this is required under the FAST act for installations at Federal agencies.
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