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"Pacific Lighting & Energy Mgmt. Co. was founded in 2003. Now with with over a decade of experience in the sales, design and installation of Energy and water efficiency measures, energy generation, and financing we serve mainly government and large commercial clients.

A survey of your facilities by our qualified staff can identify tens to thousands of dollars in annual savings for your business, by reducing electricity consumption or solar electricity generation.

PLEMCo is a qualified US-DoE ESCO. We have been performance rated by Dunn & Bradstreet's OpenRatings. We hold GSA Contracts under Sch. 56 (GS-07F-0167X) offering over 2000 energy efficiency products, and Sch. 84 (GS-07F-0467Y) for FEMP-Enable projects. We hold a BPA (GS-30F-GA083) for the sales of EV Charging equipment to the Federal government, in addition to two similar BPAs (1-14-61-13B & 1-14-61-14D) with the California State. We are a S. Cal. Edison Charge-Ready approved vendor.

PLEMCo specializes in the design and implementation of energy and water saving measures in non-residential installations through:
Lighting system modernization via retrofitting.
Solar generation of electricity via photovoltaic systems.
Transparent window-film insulation systems for retaining heat/cooling.
Mechanical Retro-Commissioning and Automation
Water saving devices and micro-recycling
Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure

Pacific Lighting & Energy Management Company
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